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Log or transcribe your footage whether its digitised, off-camera, transcoded, converted, online or transferred to DVD-BITC.

Share your work instantly in a printout, html webpage, and send to Final Cut Pro or Avid

Save time in your edit and enhance its creative potential by maximising your knowledge of your footage

Can RS Pro help you?

If your production practices match up with any of the scenarios below then RS Pro could be for you!

  • You need to view and ideally log lots of footage before an edit.Whether you have shot on tape or disc you will want to get through that footage fast and efficiently.

  • You have lots of interviews and you want them transcribed. RS Pro is perfect for doing your own transcription, or it can import a 3rd party transcript and run it in sync with the picture.

  • You need to view and log footage on an ftp or web server..RS Pro makes it a piece of cake to work with files stored online - no technical expertise required. It even allows on-location crews to upload to your ftp server.

  • You want to speed up your edit. With well-logged footage there are numerous ways that this will speed up your edit.

If you work in the TV or Film industry, RushesStation is for you the ultimate timecode-enabled media player/logger

RushesStation Pro,or RS Pro, is the new and latest version of RushesStation software. For years, RushesStation has been the logging software of choice for production staff at the BBC and the independent sector. RushesStation has been used on hundreds of documentary productions, streamlining the transition from shoot to edit. RS Pro now improves on this heritage, and can be used on whichever media files you have a need to view, listen, log, or transcribe.

With the advent of tapeless filming and HD, your choices of route through production and post production are vast. RS Pro has been designed to work with all these routes. Whatever your choice, RS Pro will get you there. And you, your staff and colleagues will only need one piece of software to acheive this.

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Why use RS Pro?We understand rushes, and we know what you need to do.

  • More than 7 years of user feedback All the brilliant ideas that TV producers have requested over the years to speed up their work have created an impressive feature list.

  • Built by experts within the industry RS Pro hasn't been written by a software house who's had to grasp the fundamentals of production. We know the issues that you want solutions for.

  • Rapid-response support to help you if you need it We won't send you an email saying we'll be in touch in 24 hours. We'll give you your answer in the email. Or you can speak to us directly.

  • On-time and within budget delivery RS Pro will probably pay for itself within a couple of short productions. You probably only have a week to get all your footage logged before the edit starts - RS Pro will make that possible.